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Tracfone HTC HD2      $525.00

Tracfone HTC HD2 This is the latest version of the HTC. This phone might be used with Tracfone. This phone comes with USB cables where you can charge your phone directly from your computer. You also gets a set of headphones included, although you can use any type of headphones with this cellphone which is a great feature. This phone is very thin which slides easily into your pocket without any bulges. The screen is a very large 4.3 inch. It is a very nice responsive screen. It has a 5 mega pixel camera. It also has a flash that comes with it on the back. The top has an ambien light sensor along with a proximity sensor. It comes with a dedicated home screen key that brings you back home anytime on the phone. A cool feature on the screen shows when the weather is raining it will be raining on the screen. If it is windy then leaves will blow across your screen. The phone is very responsive for a touch screen. The phone has a metal back which is very sturdy but not so bulky. It made for a very nice user experience. Tracfone has internet service. You can have three different email accounts all combined into one list so that if you want to look for a certain email from someone you don't have to go logging in and out.