Tracfone and the Good Old Days

Remember the days when you had to make a long term commitment and put money up front just to have telephone service (you might have thought I was talking about something else)? Then, if you didn't spend much time using the thing your calls could average $1 or more each. One year I paid over $30 per month for a year and made about ten phone calls (over $30 per call).

Well, you can imagine the relief I felt when I heard about a company that charged by the minute so you could buy minutes and only pay if you made calls. Introducing Tracfone, the ideal solution for those that don't spend a lot of time on the phone.

Here's the deal. You spend $20 for the phone (one time) and $20 per each 60 minute (larger quantities available) package. They assign a phone number to you and you're on your way.